Mother Earth Tea "So"

Katharine Cups

An original herb tea with 8 carefully
chosen herbs. Relax the heart and body
with natural ingredients.
The tea will help to create
a healthy and beautiful body.

Origin Fukuyama,Hiroshima

Tea has always offered a satisfying way to slow down, unwind or otherwise calm the mood. “Mother Earth Tea Sou” was perfected with that very mission in mind, along with the knowledge that tea is also an important source of nourishment. In February 2016, Japan Food Research Laboratories reported on its extensive analysis of this pioneering product. Those findings state that the tea provides significant “anti-glycation effects.” Namely, it suppresses “glycation” (conversion into sugar), a key factor in aging, by lowering the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Blended from eight blissfully compatible herbs, for a relaxed and soothing frame of mind and upbeat mood. Not to mention a staunch commitment to consummate taste. In this way, teatime also becomes an occasion for rich interaction between the mind and body. With Mother Earth Tea Sou, the gentle accumulation of tranquil and happy moments in your everyday routine also helps fuel a new dimension of health and beauty.

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  • An original herb tea with 8 carefully chosen herbs
    as rose hips, adlay, burdocks and so on.
    Adjust the strength by preference.

  • Easy-to-use tetra teabags (20 per package).
    The tea particles are so small
    that you can infuse tea with cold water.


Kaori Wakai

(Katharine Cups Co., Ltd. / Sales manager)

My family owned a cosmetics store since my grandmother’s generation, and I became keenly aware of my sensitive skin, due to atopic dermatitis, from an early age. That triggered a strong personal interest in beauty. Although sensing the presence of direct links between mind and body, I was largely unaware of how to harness them. At first, I decided to treat myself with greater respect. I began with the simple ritual of drinking tea, but soon realized that tea is far more than a means of quenching thirst. Today, reflecting my own experiences, I earnestly recommend “Mother Earth Tea Sou”. This beverage is a marvelous way to treat yourself with tender loving care, rest between work or household chores, chat with family or friends and otherwise enrich your daily activities. Please give it a try!


Mother Earth Tea "So"

MakerKatharine Cups Co., Ltd.
Materialsblend tea
( rose hips, adlay, burdocks, echinacea, chameleon plant, orange peel, goya, dandelions root )
PriceJP 2,376yen (tax included)

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* Japanese only. Overseas shipment is not be accepted.


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